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Get certified with our online CPR course for healthcare
providers. Learn life-saving skills at your own pace. You can
learn anytime and anywhere.

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Course Details

Chapters CE Credits Validity Price Duration ECC Exam Attempts Wallet Card
13 4.0 2 Year $14.95 1-2 Hrs Compliant Unlimited Download/Mail/Print

Importance of our
CPR course for healthcare providers

Our online CPR course for healthcare providers offers many benefits, including:

  • Targeted Curriculum: Targeted for healthcare professionals and covers advanced resuscitation.
  • Convenient Learning: Access courses 24/7, encouraging learning on-the-go.
  • Instant Certification: Get your certification right after you finish the course.
  • Comprehensive Material: Includes latest guidelines and practices in CPR for healthcare settings.
  • Interactive Training: Engage with simulations and real-case scenarios for hands-on learning experience.
  • Continual Access: You can review course materials post-completion to refresh your skills.

What can you expect from our
CPR course for healthcare providers?

Here is what you can expect from our CPR course for healthcare providers:

  • Designed for Professionals: Covers advanced CPR techniques and crucial AED usage, vital in medical emergencies.
  • Comprehensive Online Learning: Allows for flexible, self-paced study, ensuring that learners can access and revisit material as needed.
  • Certification and Recognition: Healthcare professionals receive certification that holds global recognition.
  • Course Content: Teaches rapid assessment, bag-valve-mask techniques, CPR and AED usage.
  • Target Audience: Ideal for healthcare workers looking to acquire new certification or undergo a healthcare provider CPR renewal.

Why do Healthcare providers
need CPR classes?

Healthcare providers need CPR classes for many reasons. Below are five key reasons.

  • Skill Enhancement: CPR classes for healthcare providers enhance their skills.
  • Certification for employment: Many healthcare positions must possess CPR certification as an employment requisite.
  • Improved Patient Outcomes: CPR knowledge helps healthcare providers boost survival rates and improves patient outcomes.
  • Professional Development: CPR certification for healthcare professionals shows commitment to education and patient care.
  • Compliance with Protocols: Our CPR courses for healthcare providers comply with the latest industry guidelines.

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Overview of the CPR course for healthcare provider

  • Our CPR course for healthcare providers is specifically tailored to meet the needs of healthcare professionals seeking to acquire or renew their CPR skills, including the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Designed for both novices and seasoned healthcare providers, this online CPR course for healthcare providers offers instant certification recognized across the US and worldwide.Through our online platform, participants gain access to in-depth training materials reviewed by AHA-trained physicians, ensuring compliance with the highest standards. Upon completion, learners receive a CPR healthcare provider certification and a wallet card, making our course essential for those committed to providing the highest level of emergency care.
  • What is a CPR course for healthcare providers?

    It’s a specialized training designed to equip healthcare professionals with advanced CPR and AED skills suitable for medical settings.

  • Are CPR HCP and BLS the same?

    No, CPR for Healthcare Providers (HCP) is for medical pros. Basic Life Support (BLS) teaches general emergency response methods.

  • What to expect in our online CPR course for healthcare providers?

    Expect comprehensive modules on CPR techniques, AED usage, and emergency protocols, tailored for healthcare environments.

  • Why should healthcare providers learn to use an AED?

    AED proficiency is crucial for healthcare providers as it significantly increases survival rates in cardiac arrest cases.

  • What Is your refund policy?

    Our policy typically allows for a refund within a specific period if the course does not meet your expectations, subject to terms and conditions.

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We’re thrilled to have reviews from our satisfied students who can attest to the power of our First Aid, CPR or Bloodborne Pathogens course offerings. We work with subject matter experts & OSHA Certified instructors to develop high quality, comprehensive & updated curriculum.


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