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Pediatric Advanced Life Support
(PALS) Certification Course

  • Self-Paced Online Learning
  • Nationally Accepted course
  • 4.0-8.0 Credit Hours
  • Instant certification upon completion.

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Course Details

Chapters CE Credits Validity Price Duration ECC Exam Attempts Wallet Card
08 4.0-8.0 2 Year $119.00 3 - 4 Hrs Compliant Unlimited Download/Mail/Print

Importance of
Online PALS Certification

Acquiring PALS certification online offers numerous advantages, making it an important credential for healthcare professionals.

  • Flexible Learning: Access course material anytime, anywhere for convenient certification.
  • Nationally Accepted: Earn a reputable PALS certification recognized nationwide for pediatric emergencies.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Equip yourself with life-saving skills to handle critical pediatric situations.
  • Instant Certification: Receive immediate proof of completion upon finishing the online PALS course.
  • Career Advancement: Enhance your professional portfolio with essential PALS skills for job growth.

What does the
PALS Certification training teach?

Pediatric Advanced Life Support training teaches life-saving techniques for children. The course includes the following:

  • Identifying pediatric emergencies: Learn to recognize child shock and cardiac arrest symptoms.
  • Administering medications and therapies: Gain skills to provide emergency medication and treatments.
  • Cardiac and respiratory assessments: Master pediatric cardiac and respiratory assessment techniques for accurate diagnosis.
  • Post-resuscitation management: Learn to manage post-resuscitation care including airway management and oxygen therapy.
  • Collaboration and communication: Focuses on effective communication and collaboration in resuscitation teams.

Who should take this course?

The online PALS course is an ideal choice for healthcare professionals seeking pediatric emergency response skills and certification.

  • Pediatricians: Tailored for pediatric doctors who specialize in critical care and emergency medicine.
  • Pediatric Nurses: Designed for nurses working in pediatric units or critical care settings.
  • Emergency Physicians: Suitable for doctors handling pediatric emergencies and resuscitation scenarios
  • Paramedics and EMTs: Essential for paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) focusing on pediatric emergency medical services.
  • Healthcare Providers: Beneficial for healthcare professionals involved in pediatric care across various specialties.

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Overview of the Online PALS Certification course

  • The online PALS course aims to improve the skills of healthcare professionals involved in pediatric emergency response. It covers essential topics such as identifying shock and cardiac arrest, medication administration, pediatric assessment techniques, post-resuscitation care, and effective team communication.
  • What is PALS Certification?

    PALS stands for Pediatric Advanced Life Support. It’s a certification program designed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to manage critically ill or injured infants and children.

  • Is an online PALS course valid and accepted?

    Yes, an online PALS course is valid and accepted. However, the course must be recognized and nationally accepted by a reputable medical certification body.

  • How many CEUs can I earn with PALS certification?

    You can earn between 4.0 to 8.0 continuing education units (CEUs) with our PALS certification. These CEUs are essential for staying updated with the latest medical guidelines. Furthermore, completing the course online offers flexibility which allows you to learn at your own pace.

  • How long does it take to complete PALS certification?

    PALS certification online takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete, including both the online coursework and the hands-on skills session. The exact duration also varies based on the provider and your prior knowledge.

  • Which professions typically require PALS certification?

    Professions that require PALS certification include pediatricians, emergency physicians, nurses, paramedics, and other healthcare providers who work in emergency departments, intensive care units, and pediatric care settings.

  • What essential skills are taught in PALS certification?

    PALS certification teaches the following skills necessary for the effective management of pediatric emergencies.

  • How does online PALS training compare to traditional classroom training?

    Online PALS training offers flexibility and convenience. It allows learners to complete coursework at their own pace, while traditional classroom training provides hands-on practice and immediate instructor feedback.

  • What is the validity period of PALS certification?

    PALS certification is valid for 2 years. Healthcare providers must renew their certification by completing a refresher course and passing an exam. This ensures that they remain knowledgeable and skilled in pediatric advanced life support techniques.

  • How soon will I receive my PALS provider card after completing the course?

    You will receive an instantly downloadable PALS provider card upon completing the course. This allows immediate proof of certification, which is convenient for healthcare professionals needing documentation for their records or workplace requirements.

  • What is the process for receiving my PALS provider card?

    Upon completing our online PALS certification course, you can expect a streamlined process to receive your provider card:

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