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10 Reasons why you should learn CPR

If you often wonder why you should learn CPR, The answer lies in the statistics related to cardiac arrest death rates. In recent years, statistics have shown an increase in the mortality rate caused by cardiac arrest incidents. It has become more common for people to experience such incidents at a younger age. Hence, knowing CPR is as essential as having food. A CPR online course can make a difference between life and death during critical moments. It enables individuals to respond unexpectedly during emergencies such as cardiac arrest, drowning, or choking and can help save lives. This article will explore the various facts concerning the need for a CPR certification online course and its significance in everyday life.


7 facts that make CPR the need of the hour

  1. Every year in the United States, about 350,000 humans suffer from unexpected cardiac arrest outside a hospital setup.
  2. Cardiac arrest mortality rates post-2020 in the USA have shown a sudden rise.
  3. Approximately 2,000 otherwise healthy people below 25 die yearly from cardiac arrest in the USA.
  4. Studies have proven that only 32% of cardiac arrest sufferers get bystander CPR assistance.
  5. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is one of the proven techniques to save the lives of cardiac arrest patients.
  6. CPR is not just for adults; you can use it for infants and children.
  7. To perform CPR effectively, it is critical to receive training on the subject.


10 reasons why it’s important to learn CPR?

Here are ten crucial reasons highlighting the importance of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation):

  1. Immediate Response: CPR can be initiated immediately, drastically increasing the possibility of survival during cardiac arrest.
  2. Maintains Blood Circulation: CPR compressions keep blood flowing to vital organs, avoiding brain damage and increasing the likelihood of a revival.
  3. Buys Time: CPR presents a bridge between cardiac arrest and professional clinical help, buying valuable time for superior clinical interventions.
  4. Universal Skill: Anyone can learn CPR, making it a valuable ability for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. It highlights the importance of CPR training and its global approach.
  5. Prevents Brain Damage: Adequate and well-timed CPR prevents harm to the brain caused by oxygen deprivation, retaining the victim’s cognitive functions.
  6. Increases Survival Rates: CPR, given right away and correctly, can double or triple someone’s chances of survival after cardiac arrest.
  7. Reduces Disability: CPR not only saves lives but also reduces the threat of long-term disabilities in survivors by maintaining oxygen supply to the brain.
  8. Empowers Bystanders: CPR is necessary because it can help bystanders save lives. With the proper training, you can provide CPR to a person in cardiac arrest and keep them alive before help arrives. It helps reduce the fear of approaching an ailing individual.
  9. Enhances Community Safety: Communities with significant CPR knowledge create secure environments, ensuring a speedy response in critical situations.
  10. Strengthens Chain of Survival: CPR is a crucial step in the chain of survival, which includes early recognition of cardiac arrest, immediate CPR, defibrillation, advanced life support, and post-cardiac arrest care, all of which increase the chances of survival and recovery.


There are multiple advantages of attending CPR certification classes. You need to pick your cause and go for a certified CPR online course. You can take a CPR certification online course or go for an in-person training as well.

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CPR is important because it is easy to learn with life-saving results. With this skill, you are helping someone instead of being a mere bystander wasting precious moments. When you save a life you give them a second chance at it. The impact of a life-saving experience could enlighten both the victim and the rescuer. In a community or society, online CPR certification knowledge builds safety and ensures people learn to trust one another again. You can enroll today and make a difference in someone’s life, and become a Good Samaritan.